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I can't say they were extremely skilled in the musicality department, but they certainly had a lot of energy so I give them points for that. There are 11 official languages in the Northwest Territories. In no time at all Laura was in the parking lot waiting to take me back to the airport. Around -24, I think). Just as with the.S., Canada has a wealth of solid mainstream publications, but the ones that most attract my attention are the regional and niche publications. . I'm so glad I came, and I couldn't have asked for better hosts. Also, as a seasoned 'Knifer Laura knew that although the place was pricy, the portions were huge so two could easily share a lunch platter and be satisfied for half the. I have never worn such a functional garment.  More of Glovers exceptional art may also be viewed at his website here and at the Quinns of Tweed (Ontario) gallery. China, and to a lesser extent Japan and South Korea, are seen as undesirably intruding on northern territory. Needless to say, the next morning's start was a bit delayed.

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They let us tour the workshop anyway. I love Whitehorse, too, though. Then we went for a soak in the hot tub at the local racquet club, where our friend Dave was working (he has many jobs!). I stopped first at a couple of art galleries and gift shops which Laura had outlined for me, where I picked up a pair of polar bear earrings carved out of caribou antler. On the way I checked out the colourful houseboats frozen into Great Slave Lake, but I was getting a bit chilly so I pushed onwards. I had studied the route to the legislature the day before and had no trouble finding it on foot. Premier Bob MacLeod and Minister Ramsay also met with members of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (jaxa) to further previous discussions about the Mackenzie Valley Fiber Optic Link, on which construction began in January of this year, and enhancing the existing. My plan was to visit the territorial legislature and then the Northern Heritage museum. The remaining members, who comprise a majority, then act as a de facto loyal opposition by holding the executive leaders accountable. For their part, the Swedish Space Corporation and the German Space Agency, which both operate satellite antennae in Inuvik, determined that constructing a fiber optic link to the northern town via the Mackenzie Valley will be the real key to expanding the NWTs space activities. And, I believe, all created by volunteers.

blogs libertins northwest territories

Northwest Territories, blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress News from Northwest Territories, Blogs from Yellowknife, Northwest, territories, Canada Welcome to the Northwest Territories - Good Sam RV, blog Two years ago Q and I attempted to drive the Dempster Highway through the Canadian arctic crossing through the Yukon to the most northern town on the Dempster in the North. West Territories.364 more words. Don t miss anything about Bryce Hoye, Justin Trudeau, Judy Klassen, Jason Small, Peter Taptuna, Bob Mc Leod, Sandy Silver and others. Newstral is a hyper local. Basics of the Northwest Territories Nominee Program Blog: Northwest Territories fur and fiber optics make Northwest, territories, seeking Foreign Workers North America » Canada ». Northwest Territories » Yellowknife September 11th 2012 Gone Yonder to Yellowknife (The title of this post is a"tion made by the Justice overseeing a jury trial in one of the local First Nations communities while on-route) I thought it was about time I updated. The latest Tweets from Spectacular NWT spectacularNWT). Northwest Territories, tourism, twitter feed. Share your love for the NWT, ask questions, and explore our territory with #SpectacularNWT #NWTaurora.

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This was really the main goal of my whole trip. I was bundled up but it was only like minus 20 so it really wasn't bad at all. The Fall 2010 issue profiles spooky haunts in Dawson City, reports on a cultural festival of the local Trondek Hwechin people, and je cherche des hommes dâge mûr df belles femmes indiennes explores how far flung Yukon families use technology to stay connected across wide distances. . On the way back we drove the ice road across the Great Slave Lake. Parkas for the win and a small sled which was big enough for one of us to ride bundled up under a sleeping bag lavoixdux com mouscron while the other stood on the back to drive. I wanted to go dog sledding so badly and Laura came through in a big way. Share Page Snippet, we use cookies to facilitate personalisation.e. Next I wandered around the area looking at the really unique houses and then up to the pilots' memorial for an incredible 360 degree view of the area, where I ran into a couple Japanese tourists who were totally in awe of the scenery. Nevertheless, his dauntlessness served as a source of inspiration to me on my own arduous, albeit much milder, trek up a ridge or two of the Appalachians. (The EU is still not an observer, however, due to Russian opposition at the 2015 ministerial.). The publication also serves as the official inflight magazine of Whitehorse-based Air North, so several pages cover matters of interest with that airline. . I considered also buying a pair of earrings made out of antler cross-sections because they were so cool in showing the cortex and cancellous structure of the antler, but I chickened out, thinking they were too. I love museums and could have spent more time there but I was running a bit short on time before I had to be Back to the kennels back for my flight home. We were travelling at a pretty decent clip. I was getting hungry and was hoping to find a cafe to grab a coffee and muffin. The second art gallery I went in to was a bit more commercial but it was here that I realized what a big deal the Northwest Territories was to Japanese tourists.

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Similar Posts on OCanada Blog: 1933 Quebec Tourist Road Map, old Maps and Their Hidden Stories. High tech industries in the Arctic, like fiber optics and outer space, represent promising avenues for northern development that are not premised on the extraction and export of non-renewable. Once the caucus is elected by the people of the territories, they meet together and throw their hats in the ring for various positions like speaker, cabinet Mushing! In the north, Canada Goose is not just the cool coat to wear for downtown Toronto 20-somethings (ahem, ml). That may seem like a drop in the bucket, as it equates to only approximately 1/1000 of a percent of diamond production. There is a real need for increased satellite coverage of the Arctic in order to provide information on everything from weather to sea ice to search and rescue. The sky was alight with dancing bright green. I wish Canadians explored within our own borders more often. They had serious gear for cold weather conditions in the upstairs of the store, as well as various fur.

blogs libertins northwest territories

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Glover February 3, 2013 By Brett in Books / Literature, Northwest Territories, Outdoor Adventure, Society Tags: "Always Get Their Man", Dudley Do Right, Lumberjacks, Monty Python Lumberjack Song, Mounties, Pulp Fiction, rcmp, Royal Northwest Mounted Police, Vintage Magazine Art 30 Comments Ask most Americans about. She told me that she had a friend who said her grandfather used to use dog sleds to travel over great distances. Laura headed back to work and I bundled up and headed out for exploration with parka, long johns, and sunglasses all playing their part. Unlike the party-driven systems that are most typical of representative governments, in a consensus system at least in those two provinces all candidates are elected as independents to a legislature and those representatives then select among themselves a premier and cabinet ministers. . After leaving the Snow Castle we trudged back through the snowbanks, dropped off a few extra things at Laura and Mark's (it is seriously hard to keep track of a purse on top of a big parka - what was I thinking?) then made our. Although online media continue to nip at the heels of print media, magazines continue to hold their own, especially where the publication is able to use online multi-media features to enhance its offline offerings. . Amazingly, the far north is graced with at least two truly terrific general circulation regional magazines, Up Here and Yukon, North of  of Ordinary. . Rocket technicians of the SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) assemble the student rocket Rexus 11 at the Esrange Space Centre near Kiruna on November 15, 2012. Every time I met someone new and I explained I was just up for a short visit, they would always say "oh well you Frosted mugs and frosted hair must come back in the summer - it is wonderful up here!". Note: Travelblog doesn't host video any more but you can see a montage of a few clips from the trip here: m/watch? I think he was channeling the power of the shirt. The main lobby area is considered to be owned by the citizens of the Territory and therefore anyone can use it rent-free. (2004) _ Michael Glover, Standing Proud in the Eleventh Hour, Mossleigh, Alberta (2006) _ Michael Glover, The Final Days of Fleming, Fleming, Saskatchewan (2012) _ Michael Glover, Alexandria Falls, Enterprise, NWT (2012) _ Michael Glover, Nightstop, Grenfell, Saskatchewan (2012) _ Glover has a much-deserved exhibition opening.

blogs libertins northwest territories

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